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Design your Financial Life with a Certified Financial Life Professional

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Design your Financial Life with a Certified Financial Life Professional - Blog by Keith Uthe Demystifying Mortgages

As most of you know, my personal vision is that 'Everyone Shall Live a Life of Abundance'. I am always seeking ways that will help me be successful in fulfilling that vision in what I do as a mortgage broker and real estate investor.

As I learn and grow I have now advanced my Real Estate Investment Advisor coaching service to that of a Certified FLP (Financial Life Professional). This has enabled and taught me to ensure my own financial plan is organized and bulletproof so that I may live a financial life by design rather than by accident.

I am extremely pleased to continue to offer the REIA coaching along with the FLP coaching services. These both compliment my Mortgage Broker services and my recently completed Smith Manouevre Certified Professional designation.

I am very happy to bring all of this knowledge and certifications together in one place for my clients so that they may also live a Financial Life by Design.

If you would like to start or accelerate working towards your dream of wealth and abundance, let's have a conversation.

There will be more to come on these topics and I look forward to connecting with you all.

Keith Uthe Financial Life Professional