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Making A Difference In Your Future Wealth!

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Making A Difference In Your Future Wealth - Blog by Keith Uthe Demystifying Mortgages

When it comes to making changes to the way people perceive mortgages and wealth, we work with many of them to avoid making mistakes that could cost and impact them for the rest of their lives. When it comes to getting a mortgage, you want to make sure the people you are working with understand who you are, what your wealth goals are, and what the most appropriate mortgage is for your situation. Many think using a mortgage broker costs them money when in fact, in most instances, it costs nothing with only some special situations, where paying a commission is required. When borrowers don’t work with a mortgage broker, what they end up discovering is that they have cost themselves more in the long run because they did not have someone who clearly understood their situation. That is someone with knowledge and information that could guide them to the best mortgage for their needs.

Working through the pandemic has been quite challenging, however, we adapted, lenders adapted, and our clients adapted to get through changes to the processes. The requirements for approval are not the same as they were in the past. However, we have adapted to the changes.

We handled many challenges along the way, and these were some of the highlights of the pandemic:

  • Obtained Private financing for a client on a FLIP project with only a $10,000 down payment
  • Obtained purchase financing along with refinancing seven properties to complete the purchase
  • Assisted multiple clients with putting in place the proper financing to implement the Smith Manoeuvre so that they can convert their non-tax deductible mortgage interest into tax-deductible interest to begin building compounding wealth
  • Assisted clients with 95% Spousal Buyout financing of property and refinancing due to divorce
  • Provided stated income qualifying using a B lender to complete a purchase and a refinance
  • Presidents Club - Top 10% of Mortgage Brokers in Mortgage Alliance 2021
  • Canadian Mortgage Professionals Hot List 2021
  • Masters Club - Top 20% of Mortgage Brokers in Mortgage Alliance 2017-2020
  • High-Performance Lab for Mortgage Agents

Additionally, our clients have been in constant conversation with us asking questions about how to take advantage of low-interest rates and beginning their real estate investment journey. Through their feedback, we know that we are making an impact and are on the right path. Additionally, we encourage them to provide feedback.

These are some of the testimonials we received from people we worked with. As you will see, they were exceptionally happy with the end product that we provided.

  • I had been told no by the banks and other mortgage brokers for being able to finance another rental. Upon listening and understanding my situation fully, Keith was able to suggest solutions that could make this possible.
  • He’s out of the box of thinking and offers solutions not even considered by the bank or other brokers. Keith is Awesome!

Here are some of the reviews put up about the work that we have done.

1. Keith has been quick and responsive for my clients and me; that’s the reason that my wife and I turned to him for our mortgage when the bank’s lending team wasn’t acting promptly with our home purchase. Keith did an amazing job, was able to get us a great rate, even worked on our plan on a milestone birthday, and obtained approval for us at a rapid speed compared to the bank. My clients have only shared positive reviews of Keith and his commitment to following through with his actions.

2. Keith provided top-notch expertise when I was looking for a mortgage for my first income property. He managed to get me a lender when another broker just could not after trying. Keith took the time to sort through my challenges and made them happen. Highly recommend his services.

3. Keith is my go-to referral when anyone has mortgage and financing questions. He is knowledgeable, able to explain things to anyone, and upfront and honest about what he can and cannot do for you. If it’s not the right move for you, he’ll let you know - integrity!

When it comes to working with and analyzing a client’s situation, we make sure that we check up on all aspects of their lives. We understand where they are coming from and their requirements, so we provide them with the best mortgage options for their current situation. My vision is, ‘Everyone is Living a Life of Abundance,’ and we fulfill this every day by having meaningful conversations to help others understand how a mortgage is a part of causing and creating a financial life by design.

One of the significant parts of the work we handle is always changing with the times. We learned that we had to adapt and successfully transition to using technology and remote working. We also made changes to the processes that could help our clients.

We are now able to offer full residential lending services in Quebec. Moreover, we will have new lenders and lending products coming online over the next few months for our clients, enabling us to offer an additional solution for Conventional, HELOC, second mortgages, and re-advanceable mortgages.

Overall, we started creating more options for lending solutions and increasing access to help clients grow future wealth. The more options we work with, the greater our ability to assist our clients with their lending needs.

Other than the work that we handle, we do assist with a series of social causes. Some of these are closer to our hearts as compared to others. The three that we cherish the most are:

  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Kidney Foundation
  • Diabetes Canada

We support these groups through donations of goods and money whenever we can.

Most of the companies that individuals speak to would tell them that the pandemic has been quite challenging. Many were even struggling to make their ends meet and stay afloat, while others shut down. We were working diligently to get through and preparing to adjust to the new normal. The challenges recently have been the processing time for lender underwriter reviews on files which posed immense challenges for timely completion of refinances and, in some cases, meeting financing condition dates. With increased communication, we are giving more information to clients about expectations of timelines for lenders and additional internal support.

If you are looking for a mortgage broker specialist in Calgary, Alberta, get in touch with me at Keith Uthe Demystifying Mortgages. I work with my clients to understand their requirements before making any recommendations so that we can cause and create their financial future together. I am connected with various financial institutions and am more than happy to leverage those relationships to assist people with their dream homes. The requirements for current, legible, and up-to-date documentation for mortgage approval are greater than ever, and I am always working with clients and lenders to meet the needs of both. If you are looking for a better understanding of the services I provide, please click here. If you want to get in touch with me or think I can assist, I am more than happy to hear you out. Please contact me here.