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  • Construction Mortgage Alberta

    Hi Keith- I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for your exceptional assistance and guidance throughout the process of acquiring my property.

    Thanks to your expertise and dedication, we successfully closed on the property yesterday and got the keys, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Your prompt responses truly made a difference in navigating the complexities of securing a mortgage.

    From the initial stages of pre-approval to the final closing, you were there every step of the way, providing invaluable support and ensuring a smooth transaction. I am truly grateful for your expertise and the personalized attention you provided throughout this journey. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you.

    I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of mortgage assistance. Once again, thank you for your outstanding efforts. I look forward to staying in touch and working with you again in the future.

    Chandramouli Govindane
  • Construction Mortgage Alberta

    Each time I work with Keith I am reminded of what a true professional he is. His extensive experience in the mortgage industry and his knowledge and professionalism make him one of the best. Keith’s integrity is unquestionable, he always focuses on his client’s best interest. I am happy to recommend Keith to anyone.

    Cynthia FitzGerald
  • Construction Mortgage Alberta

    Keith’s goal is that All People are Living a Life of Opportunity. From his own life to working with clients, Keith lives and breathes this goal. Whether you are looking to get your first mortgage, renew an existing mortgage or need a review of your mortgage, Keith is your person. Your next move needs to be to contact Keith.

    Lee Nordbye
  • Construction Mortgage Alberta

    Keith is such a great human! He really cares about his clients, and helping them reaching their goals. He works with people directly to discover where they are, what their goals are and educate them on what options they have. He really has a great understanding of different things available and the variables to look at for the success of his client.

    Also I love that he has experience with investing in real estate. He has a great understanding of investing as a business, ensuring flexibility and profits.

    Amie Hicks
  • Construction Mortgage Alberta

    Keith is a mortgage professional who cares about his clients and always looks out for their best interests. I have gotten the pleasure to know Keith over the last few months and referred clients to him. Having Keith in my network has brought value to my clients and I would recommend him for all things regarding mortgages and real estate investing as he is a true expert in his field.

    Alexis Roman
  • Construction Mortgage Alberta

    Keith was able to help explain the various mortgage products available to us and recommend the most suitable choice. Keith did more than simply explain what products were available, but listened to our goals, concerns and desires in relation to our overall financial situation. Keith is very fast to respond to questions and always willing to educate when there is something we don't understand. I look forward to a long term business relationship and will use his expertise in the future.

    Lee Hodgers
  • Construction Mortgage Alberta

    Keith is so well informed and easy to talk to. He will go out of his way to fit you with the proper mortgage for you. Highly recommended!

    Lynita Haaranen
  • Construction Mortgage Alberta

    Keith is the most responsive mortgage broker I have ever had the pleasure of working with. In July 2017 Keith helped my partner and I obtain a new mortgage for our first home together in Okotoks. Keith not only provided residential mortgage financing for our Okotoks home purchase, but also helped me make adjustments that improved my overall financial situation. Keith presented us with a "Purchase Plus Improvements" plan that provided the financing to build my dream garage/workshop years before I thought it was going to be financially viable. Always quick to respond to my many questions with thorough, knowledgeable answers. I won't hesitate to recommend Keith Uthe to anyone looking for a Calgary mortgage broker!

    Greg Stevens
  • Construction Mortgage Alberta

    Keith is an expert when it comes to understanding your mortgage and debt restructuring needs. I highly recommend Keith - whether it's a refinance, transfer or a new purchase your looking for - he takes the time to understand YOU and your unique needs. He's got the expertise with all the financial tools available to give you an ENRICHED mortgage experience.

    Ben Kerr