The Process

Mortgage Specialist in Calgary, Alberta

How it works

How it works?

  • Analyze
    1. ANALYZE
    When we first speak with you and pull out your credit reports, we analyze them, and make a plan of action. We also discuss your financial situation and give you tips and suggestions on how to better use your credit to improve your score. This step is totally free.
  • Enroll
    2. ENROLL
    Enroll with us and give us your proof of Id. and make the first payment.
  • Implement
    We start to do our job with the credit bureaus. We also make sure you understand how to use your credit and how and when to pay your bills to make sure your work and our work will improve your score and give you satisfaction!
  • Restore
    4. RESTORE
    We will keep doing the job until your credit improves to the right level. Of course, you have to follow certain suggestions we propose for a better result.
  • You are ready
    The job is normally done after 6 months.
Dedicated team


We have a dedicated team who will make sure to serve you well.

Don't let your credit blow away your dreams like
leaves in the wind...

No, it’s not THE END of the road for financing. Let us
show you what we can do for you.

The end


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