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As a small to medium business owner, tying up all of your everyday cash can be detrimental to your operations. This is why finding alternative methods of financing is so important. Mortgage brokers specialize in helping business owners secure the funding they need without using all of their cash reserves.

Finance your business without tying up all of your everyday cash. As a small to medium business owner your cash is important to you and your operations. So being able to grow and still keep your cash is very important in solutions available to you.

Do you own a current business and need funds to buy equipment or expansion?

Are you wanting to buy an existing business?

We can provide financing for practically any project:

  • Buy commercial real estate
  • Expand or renovate your facilities
  • Purchase new or used equipment
  • Invest in technology (hardware, software)
  • Expand outside Canada
  • Get cash for operations
  • Start, buy or transfer a business

There are specialized lending programs for small to medium sized businesses that can enable you to take steps towards owning your own business.


A mortgage pre-approval is so important to ensure that you are buying within your purchasing ability. There is nothing worse than having your heart set on a home that ultimately you cannot qualify for the mortgage to buy. A critical part of the pre-approval is ensuring you have all of your documents ready, down payment in place, taxes filed, taxes paid, and income verification documents. Finally when it comes to the actual mortgage ensure you consider the terms of the mortgage and not just the rate. Different lenders have different terms and saving a little on rate could cost you way more in the long run due to a term in the mortgage you did not understand, realize or expect to get in the way of your future.

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