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A Switch / Transfer Mortgage is a type of mortgage that allows the borrower to switch from one mortgage lender to another. This can be done for various reasons, such as getting a lower interest rate, getting better terms and conditions, or simply wanting to change lenders.

Not Happy with your current bank or lender?
Looking to lower your payments and save on interest costs?
Did you know that you can switch between lenders even if your mortgage is not up for renewal?

Whether your mortgage is insured or uninsured you can switch in the middle of your current term or at the renewal to take advantage of better rates. The lenders help cover some of the transfer costs and will capitalize payout penalties and fees into the transfer for you to try and prevent you from paying anything from your pocket book. A lot of people do not realize that with their insured mortgage it is them that is insured not the lender. So wherever you move to or move your mortgage to you should be able to take your mortgage insurance with you.

There are opportunities through switching that can save you thousands of dollars. Let us run the numbers for you and show you what could be done for you. If it does not make the best financial sense for you then no problem at least you have the peace of mind knowing where you are at.


A mortgage pre-approval is so important to ensure that you are buying within your purchasing ability. There is nothing worse than having your heart set on a home that ultimately you cannot qualify for the mortgage to buy. A critical part of the pre-approval is ensuring you have all of your documents ready, down payment in place, taxes filed, taxes paid, and income verification documents. Finally when it comes to the actual mortgage ensure you consider the terms of the mortgage and not just the rate. Different lenders have different terms and saving a little on rate could cost you way more in the long run due to a term in the mortgage you did not understand, realize or expect to get in the way of your future.

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