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Hi Everyone. My name is Keith Uthe and I am a Certified Real Estate Investment Advisor, Licensed Mortgage Agent, Realtor and Real Estate Investor. I began investing in real estate in 2003, along with my partner; Nancy in 2003 and we now own 17 doors, have five joint venture partnerships. After many years of working at a job that was unsatisfying, I worked on finding and following my inner-self, overcoming the fear of change. I made that change when I was subsequently laid off I realized how much I could help people with my knowledge and completed my training to become a Licensed Mortgage Agent. I now work with one of the largest volume Mortgage Alliance brokerages in Canada - Enrich Mortgage Group in Calgary which is licensed to do financing from B.C. to Quebec.

Ongoing education in real estate investing is very important to me which is why I joined the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN in 2011) and continue my learning through REIN and other investment and course opportunities. I have completed courses on Agreement for Sales, Joint Ventures and Multi-family investments. I have presented live to the REIN community several times and had several featured articles in the REIN Life magazine. I have been a basketball official for 30 years for both able body and wheelchair basketball and in 2017 I officiated at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto.

My vision and purpose is that 'Everyone Shall Live a Life of Abundance'. In order to fulfill my vision I look for simple ways that I can significantly impact many people’s lives every day. That is what is great about what I do as a Real Estate Investment Advisor and Mortgage Agent as they work so well with each other. I tap into all of my knowledge and experience as I work with clients that may be buying their first home, 10th property, or may be challenged to figure how to buy the first or next one. As your coach I strive to create a coaching experience that pushes you to find your fears, face them and overcome them to achieve more. I will leverage my team for you in wealth planning, insurance, contractors, mortgage financing, real estate purchase and sales as well as cash-flow analysis and negotiation. I will work with you to ensure there is a secure foundation and purpose that can be relied upon and stepped towards everyday so you can achieve your real estate and life goals.


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