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In November 2019, Robinson Smith released his book, Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom, and it hit #1 in 22 categories on Amazon on launch day and it still regularly hits #1 in various personal finance-related categories. To date thousands of Canadians have used this innovative strategy - The Smith Manoeuvre - to convert the non-deductible interest expense of their mortgage payments into large annual tax deductions. And you can too.

In addition to the tax savings, you will be able to eliminate your mortgage in record time while simultaneously contributing substantial amounts each month toward free-and-clear retirement savings that simply would not have been available otherwise.

All of this without any additional cash required on a monthly basis.

If you are a Canadian homeowner with a mortgage, you have the opportunity to start improving your personal finances with a simple one-time restructuring of your financial affairs. As a Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional, contact me and I can show you how.